What is Lentil Pasta?

Lentil Pasta is typcally made up of 2 ingredients: lentils and water. It is usually gluten free and high in protein which makes it good for anyone on a low carb or gluten free diet (also usually vegan-safe). Lentil pasta can be made out of green, brown or red lentils, but I find the best tasting one is Red Lentil Pasta personally. You could even go crazy and add lentils on top of your lentil pasta if you’re a protein junkie.

What is a Lentil?

A lentil is the oldest pulse or legume known to mankind. It originated in Mid East or Mediterranean area and has upwards of 50 variations. They also happen to be one of the oldest domesticated crops with evidence tracing them back to 8000 years ago going along the Nile River. The lentil has a different reputation in many countries; compare Greece, where it was first seen as a poor man’s food, to Egypt, where it was seen as the food of the royals. Wherever you’ve seen a lentil though, know that the little fake bean has been supplying protein, iron, and high caloric density to people all over the world for thousands of years.


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